The Trails of Moonlight II

ARTICLE - Brindt-Garrian Conflict

The Brindt-Garrian Conflict is a full-scale armed conflict that erupted in Aleria around late October 430 AR. Brindt-Garrian-Conflict.jpg

The two belligerents participating in the war, Brindtsong and Gaur, are both influential Alerian nations towards Corseria, resulting in some Corserian citizens being drafted onto either side.


During the early summer of 430 AR, multiple incidents of sabotage and theft were reported to be occurring in multiple locations in Gaur. In addition, mysterious forest fires became prevalent throughout forests in Gaur territory.

Similarly, in Brindtsong territory, strange occurences similar to the Gaur Demon Crater incident began occurring in some towns and a few major cities.

Unified Soldat-Gaur treaty

A year prior, Chancellor Ilmarya of Gaur decided to have joint military exercises with the Soldat miltary force. He then attempted to pitch an idea of a unified Soldat-Gaur military force as a way of making amends with Soldat after their clashes during the Kislev Invasion.

Over half the continent was happy with this treaty, but a few nations, such as Brindtsong, were against this idea. Popular rumor has it that the Brindtsong government views this as “cornering” them, as the threat of Gaul being inducted into the Dominican Federation would surely corner Brindtsong strategically, in both geographic and economic senses.

Bank of Brindtsong Incident

Several strange incidents in both these nations seemed to carry evidence that both sides were conducting sabotage on each other. This rose tensions in mid-summer of 430 AR.

Due to several cases of theft and supposed espionage, the Bank of Brindtsong decided to freeze assets of Gaurian citizens and denied them access to a fraction of funds. Despite there being multiple talks trying to lift the freeze, none of them bore fruit.

In the middle of the autumn of 430 AR, Gaur attacked ships off the east coast of Brindtsong with military boats. Brindtsong military decided to retaliate, taking it as an act of war, thus setting off the beginning of the Brindt-Garrian conflict.

Current State

While the war has been relatively bloodless, the damages and costs are something to be behold. Over 500,000sil worth of military technology has been burned for both sides, though rumors say that Gaur carries the upper hand in the war with more minimal damages to themselves.

As of the end of October 430AR, the war is only estimated to worsen, with over 800 military casualties from both sides after 3 weeks of battle, not counting civilian collateral.



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