The Trails of Moonlight II

Chapter III Epilogue: Alex's Thoughts

How could he act so senselessly foolish? I may not be one to reprimand him but I cannot believe he would…

The party just finished their third day of training in Yuval. Alexandra tended to her heavily injured cousin. He hasn't woken up since coming back, she couldn't help but sigh ever so heavily. Worry and frustration circulated her.

How could I let this happen?


The disheartened cousin blamed her incompetence to stop his reckless action that threw away their only lead to the organization that they're facing. She heaved an even heavier sigh as she thought of  how to report this casualty. Much to her dismay. She was always one to give full and proper detail of each record. 

Bringing out her tablet, she placed it down on the night stand beside Bastion's bed. blowing up the holographic screen and turning the tablet screen to a keyboard, she started to type away.

Hours passed, the silent room gave her a familiar heavy feeling that she hasn't felt in a long time. Maybe she was feeling nostalgic when she treated Bastion or its seeing Burdock again, though not as an ally. 


There are a lot of things I would still like to find out… Why did Burdock allow Bastion to take his place? Was Bastion really able to just get such documents or did Burdock let him? I do not question my cousin's sticky fingers yet it seems … eerie, coincidence or not. Why did he not report it to our professor? Did he find this an excuse to pursue his family's plans? It is a perfect cover. I did find it odd that no one has called me about him reporting his stolen documents. 

 And Bastion… what really happened that day? It's something he must explain… not even to me, but to everyone else. I rather not pry on his agenda too much. He is no child anymore, even if he tended to act so.

 Ah… There's also Arthur—- I mean, Art's sudden personality change. A junior Yurran student? Maybe I can check the school records as soon as I get permission.

So many hidden agendas… in just this small party…

Can we really work with full trust like this?


Alexandra stopped typing to glance at the sleeping menace that almost got them killed by a cave in. She laughed. Not like she or Art have not caused the group much danger.

"Just like when we were children, you would destroyed the pavilion of the manor."


No matter how imprudent he can be, he is still my cousin and I am determined to help him clear his name. I trust him more than anyone. I hope my help will be enough… though… I should really not forget the others. If they question me why I kept a tight lip, I will tell them it is not my truth to tell. 

I can only hope that our teamwork won't falter because of this.


She stopped her serious thoughts when she realized the date. 

"Right, the Polla festival is happening soon." She opens the calendar. 
"I do miss the streets of Pavillion. The road aligned and decorated with flowers, some fireflies at night. Such a relaxing sight."

She begins reminiscing, looking out the window to the horizon. So close yet so far. She hasn't been home since she enrolled in Yurran, it wasn't far off for her to recollect such memories.

 "I can probably celebrate it again after I graduate." Alex stares at her pinky finger with a smile.
"Well, I must not dally." She turned her attention back to the screen and started typing again. 



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