The Trails of Moonlight II

SIDE STORY - Call in the Night

November 425 AR

10:31 PM


The young Alexandra enters a dark bedroom dimly lit by the moonlight from the window, behind her was young girl with short auburn hair carrying in a book that caught their eye during Alexandra's studies in the library.

The pink haired girl puts down a lamp and the book open to a page titled "Calling the other world".

“Maybe with this… I can talk to father again… but are you sure you know what you're doing, Acadia?”

The young Magnus asked, concerned about what they were dabbling with.

"It's gonna be fine! We've done this before and it wasn't bad, right?"

The girl called Acadia hums confidently

They proceed to copy the symbols and follow the instructions by. Alexandra steals herself as Acadia chants, softly they call out a name


“Cross Magnus.”


They wait eagerly as the symbols light up in a violent flash


She closes her eyes as a blinding light flashes from the circle. As it slowly dimmed, a figure appears and appeals to Alex

She looks at it and slowly crawls to it




As she reaches to it and touches it, the figure of light became dark and cackled as dozens more grab her hand and slowly drag her into the small portal from the symbols they had made, she caught glimpses of the other side, her eyes slowly enveloped in darkness

Acadia tried to pull Alexandra out but was pulled herself after successfully pulling out her friend.

Alex passed out

The following morning, she was a woken by the bright morning light from the window. She felt something cold in her hand, it was her friend's locket but her friend was nowhere inside.



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