The Trails of Moonlight II

Vol 2 Prologue: Alexandra Magnus Records

November 19 430AR
Record 1 – Rework

The screen slowly lit up to a small bedroom, from the angle, the camera seems to be sitting on a cluttered table, filled with tools and random parts. Coming to view is Alexandra sitting in front of the camera, holding up a small notebook and pen as she scribbled notes.

“System functioning properly, camera in prim condition, screen clear, no cracks… so far my Tablet is working well. I’m glad it wasn’s damage during the mess and the trip.”

The pink haired girl leaned back, then sat back up as if realizing something

“Ah yes.. I almost forgot! My diary log. It has been only a few days since the incident and our separation from our allies, Aiden and I have been somehow taken back to Aleria, landing in a forest not far from Brindstrong… We have yet to find a way to open Rafael and get Art. I cannot say I’m not worried, I must say there is too much going on to properly wrap my mind around… but for now we wait till have word from Cierra about a way to get Art out.”

She sighs, removing her glasses as she massages under her eyes.

“While we wait, I started working for the Halophate Guild in here in Brindstrong and I realized my Artleast needed a bit of repair. It did take quite a beating… So today I start reworking Lilium, I need her in top condition when we face again.”

The video cut to another, with the same background but slightly dimmer. There was a small cake at the side with a single lit candle.

November 22 430AR
Happy Birthday, Bastion

“Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday too you.”

She sang as she stared at the candle of the small cake.

“I cut my work short today to celebrate your birthday… Maybe next year.. We can celebrate together.”

The video cuts to the next video, the background was a small open area, Alexandra holding up her Artleast

November 30 430AR
Field Test 1

“Okay Lilium, lets see you in action. Terra Firma!”

Her staff glowed for a moment only to fizzle out

“Oh? What’s the matter now?… Velona Firma!”

She shouted only with the same result.

“I wonder what happened maybe I’ll check again and maybe check my Arcus too.”

The video cuts to another scene, back in the small room

December 6 430AR
Rework 2

“I finally got it. Unfortunately, I had to remove a few cores from my Arcus and had to install new ones. With this, I can finally test it out again. Sometimes I wish we could use magic like the magicians in fairytales…”

She slaps her cheek lightly

“Get a hold of yourself, Alexandra.”

She shakes her head

“Time to use get this on the field”

December 17 430AR
Late Update

“It was a rousing success. Thank goodness. There is another feature I wish to add to Lilium… but I must practice if I wish to be able to wield it well. Ah, Aiden’s birthday is coming up soon. Cierra and Nem told me about it. How does one create a mud cake? At times like these, I miss Ashton and Art the most. Awkward as it sounds, I would love to make creampie with them again.”



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