The Trails of Moonlight II

Vol 2 Prologue End: Confession to the Wind

February 8 431 AR
9:30 P.M – Freed Island

The cold night breeze blew through the calm night, after reuniting with one of our friends, the team spent the night to relax and bond while Raphael recharged. Alexandra walks out from the merriment to get some time away from the bustling room. She was not uncomfortable, more embarrassed.

“They cannot seriously thinking of going on about this all the way back to Corseria… all the way till we find them…”

She shook her head and sighed, leaning against the wall of the cottage. She looked up to the sky and saw a clear vast dark sky with a moon only half its regular form. She reaches into her small pocket and takes out a small blue card, raising it up to the sky, covering the moon from her vision. The moonlight seeps through the card showing a trail that cuts off half way.

“I’m almost there… just a little bit more… I’ll see you when the moon if full…”

She continues to stare at it, her face turning bright red as she remembers the earlier events.

“I must make my records now.”

She started to type on a new document file as soon as she took out her tablet.

Today was a good day, among others. I am enthusiastic to have found a new specimen to learn about, though it may be a demon, spirit, entity, it was still a wonderful find.

She goes in detail about her record and files of Fenrir

I also awakened my Artesleast. Someone I feel betrayed by my own staff. But its helped me get something off my chest I could not do in a very long while. I am very thankful to Ursula but I feel like two girls are teasing me from a distance and they aren’t even of this earth anymore.

Alex continues of typing into her records, till she heard a them calling for her.

“Ah.. It’s that late already.”

She looks up again

“Till we meet again… but for now… my confession flows with the wind.”

The pink haired Mage smiles brightly at the sky before walking back inside after saving her files.



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