Aiden Jet "Aid" Carminite

An Alerian Arcbiologist far from his war-torn home


Level: 33

Maximum HP: 2300
Maximum SP: 8

Str: 10+2 D
Dex: 15+3 A
Mnd: 12+1 C
Sol: 10+2 B
AP 6

GROWTH TYPE: Attack>Brave B
(Bonuses: Atk 400 Acc2 Dex+3 Str+2 MaxHP+200 Pot+100 Agi+1)

Serotine Gunto (Gun and Melee/Nihonto[FINESSE ATK])= Patk+300, Eatk +300

  • Slot1: Melee & Gun Charm: When attacking at melee range, gain half movement action(Nihonto mode: Gain 1EX during Criticals)
  • Slot2: Atk+300
  • Slot3: Eatk+300
    Armor:Jacket (Med. Armor) = PDef+300, EDef+300


  • Hidden Blade – A small dagger that can be extended and retracted with a flick of the wrist, increasing Crit Chance by +1.
  • Strega Sneakers- these designer-brand sneakers are preferred by young adventurers for comfort and durability without sacrificing style, allowing one to run with +1 Agility.

Attack: 1700(^2200)(v1200) Echo: 500
Ether: 1500(^2000)(v1000)
Accuracy: 13
Agility: 9
Potential: 1000
PDef: 600
EDef: 700
Crit. : 2/6

Backline Ability: “Parabellum! Black Bullet!”
Inflicts [Stagger] at 100% until end of turn.


  • Vorpal Steam (Piercing Thorn)
  • Bullet Time! (Guile Rhapsody)
  • Mad Minute! (Thousand Cuts)
  • Bloody Accel!(Burning Heart)
  • Emberbound (Flame Wreath)
  • Formless: Oborozuki (Opportune:Lightning Urge)
  • Formless: Shiranui (Fire Bolt/Spellblade)
  • Formless: Sessho Seki (Earth Bolt/Spellblade)


  • Bio-Studious = Cinema rank+1 when studying non-cryptid organic creatures. (Combat: Reveal organic creature’s elemental weakness on sight. Scan HP upon touch/attack.
  • Charismatic: +1 cinema rank when talking to crowds or groups. +1 to bond meter gain in bond scene with two or more links. -10% off from friendly shops.

Heartless Flame (“Blaze, o’ heart of mine! And burn it all away…. Heartless Flame!”)
→Deal [PATK+POT] as true dmg in a small area upon activation. Gain extra move action and Chance Up!(+1 to all chanced-based effects) for 2 turns.


Personal Details

Age: 18
Date of Birth: 18th December 412A.R.
Height: 5’7"(Vol1)/5’8"(Vol2)
Weight: 156 lbs(Vol1)/170lbs(Vol2)
Hometown: Kingsfall, Brindtsong
Nationality: Alerian (by Birth)
Occupation: Watchman(Former), Arcbiology Academic, Junior Halophate Volunteer
Affiliations: Kingsfall Castlewatch: Task Force Perillous, Artestech, Halophate


  • Garreth Carminite (Father, New Ieslander)
  • Edelweiss Gale-Carminite (Mother, New Ieslander from Nokheel)

“Let’s just say there’s a few people I don’t like leaving behind”

An Arcbiology junior field researcher from Artestech Royal Research Group and son of an Alerian crisis hero. Aid went to Corseria to finish his Master’s Research, but was tasked together with Art to join two Yurran students on their field study, together with his guardian; Clarisse Locheman, a senior Halophate member and acquaintance of his father, assigned to “keep an eye on him… for all reasons.”

He is a practitioner of Bullet Ballet, an unusual firearms-based martial art with the discipline that guns are “the ultimate extension of one’s limbs,” and holds a Dreadchase Rank for such a young age.

Appearance and Personality

Aid has wild black hair like one of his ancestors(dubbed by the players as the “Gustyface”) and burning amber eyes.

Aid is highly dedicated to his studies towards nature, however, he does have a tendency to analyze things excessively(with much use of verbose jargon), and tries to be a bit of an overachiever. He prefers being called “Aid” than by his surname. His levelheadedness and cool disposition… is revealed to be a mere act of him trying to look mature beyond his age because he does not like being treated like a kid; a thing Clarisse pokes fun at him with as soon as she found out. He prefers to avoid conflict altogether and would rather use diplomacy than his fists whenever possible; however he’s developed a more hotblooded side to him from events during his time with the field study team. Always an outsider one way or another, he fears his difference may cause others to fear him. Having grown up in a constantly fighting Aleria has made war a sensitive subject for him; hoping to see a place that isn’t always in the brink of war. The Corserian idea of Yowyn fascinates him far more than the Alerian logic of paradise, Valhalla.

He seems very protective of Mirana, wanting her to live a peaceful childhood despite her strangeness; one that he never had a chance to have before.


Aiden is an Arcbiologist; he has extensive knowledge of anything related to nature(especially Aberrants) as well as the arcane-related subjects such as Leylines. Throughout his two years at Artestech, he has been credited as part of the team that conducted a study on aetherblooms, a mysterious new flower species that started growing on the mana-enriched soil of leylines, as well as the development of the ethermass ARC reactor.
His father started teaching him about weapons, initially with swords, since the early age of four, formally gun training at six, growing adept with any firearm from handguns to shotguns and rifles. This preference for guns has lead him to pursue the style-oriented Bullet Ballet, up until the Dreadchase caliber, applying things he learned as a beginner of a nameless 7-Kusanagi Ryu form. As a former member of Kingsfall Castlewatch, he has had plenty of experience dealing with Aberrants and criminals alike; more on the former.

Hero’s Son

Aiden is the son of Garreth Carminite; a high ranking Halophate senior and a hero in Aleria known as “The Crimson Dragon of Kingsfall,” with a long list of feats under his name since their migration from New Iesland 20 years ago. Aid easily cracks under the expectation of living up to his fathers name so much as to go out of his way picking another career outside of being a Halophate operative like him.

Mysterious Blood

An odd power to manipulate one’s blood into a blazing weapon lies within their ancestry; one that Aid wants to hide, unless necessary. He thinks himself an Aberrant due to its nature; one of the reasons he decided to go to Artestech to study Arcbiology. His father reminds to be wary of the Akashic Order due to this power, with their family being regarded as Heretics due to this. Zetus reveals this power to be a Divergence that has molded within his family’s blood for generations, but claims to know nothing else about it.

Aiden Jet "Aid" Carminite

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