Alexandra Aliz Magnus

Studious Charismatic Student who loves Experiments


Level: 21

Maximum HP: 1900
Maximum SP: 7

Str: 9 C
Dex: 6 C
Mnd: 10 C
Sol: 14 B

GROWTH TYPE: Support – Miracle B
Tension revive reduced to 1TP
Recover a bond rank 2 ally’s caution HP when he is damaged. 5-6 chance

Weapon: *Lilium*_(Artes Least Staff Model 02-B)_
Atk Pwr: +300, Eth Pwr: +600
-Link Assist heal +100 HP to Link Partner

Armor: Yurran Uniform (Medium Armor)
-Phys Def: +300, Eth Def: +300

Acc: Nurse’s Hat
+100 to any healing spell or skill

Attack: 900
Ether: 1400
Accuracy: 6
Agility: 4
Potential: 1300

Lullaby of the Moon (Humming+)
Miracle Paint (Rally+)
La Confiance Accordee (Impetus)
Terra Firma (Bolt – Earth Shard)
Veleno Terra (Bolt – Coil)
Viola Odoratoa (Recover)

Noble GlowExcludeOnce per session, gain one more link assist in a turn cycle
Unusual Healing – _3-6 chance to remove one status ailment from you at the beginning of your turn. _

Back line Support Action: Ally of her choosing gets advantage once per turn


Personal Details:
Age: 18
Birthday: 1st January 412A.R.
Hometown: Pavillion, Polla
Nationality: Corserian
Likes: Experiments, Studying, Finding out new and interesting things, Baking
Dislikes: -

“I will make the Magnus Family proud.”

Alexandra is a well-rounded Junior from the prestige Yurran Military Academy. She is currently taking her field study in Corseria along side her partner, Burdock Celery, and two promising students from Artestech Royal Research Group, Arthur and Aiden Jet “Aid” Carminite. The party is escorted by a Junior Halophate Guild member, Ashton Graham and an officer from Sellabelle Police Department, Kia Reedstone.

The daughter of the noble Magnus family. Cheerful, well-mannered and intelligent, she has a very warm personality. However, she possesses a strong passion for experimenting and examining. Alexandra is very open to opinions and options detailing that it helps her produce satisfactory results. Even though she loves the comfort of her laboratory, she is a very sociable lady and known to be well connected. The only time she is seen losing her calm, soft-spoken manner is when her cousin makes an impulsive actions or when he plays with explosives.

Alexandra has long wavy pink hair that touches her waist. Her bangs are swept to the left. She keeps her hair in two loose braids but ofter wears her hair on a ponytail to the side tied with a ribbon when performing experiments. Alex also has Bright Emerald eyes.
She wears the Yurran uniform for Juniors. The inner part is a simple white polo with long sleeves with dark brown cuffs and a single white stripe. The outer coat is a dark brown white short puffed sleeves and cuffs with a single white stripe, decorated with gold buttons and chain and a ribbon. She wears a dark brown box pleated skirt and belt that has the Yurran symbol on decorated on the buckle. She wears a finely embroided dark brown cloak when she travels on duty. She also wears brown boots and black pantyhose.

She carries around a small bag where she keeps the party’s inventory and her own personal kit for on-the-go experiments and examinations. She also brings around a heavily-secured tablet she created back in Yurran. It stores a handful of information, be it public or classified, and directly connects to YuFi, an exclusive connection for students, staff and administrators in Yurran.

Alexandra was born in Pavillion in the new district of Polla. She had always wanted to be a knight like her father but was never good with the sword and better with books. Even after her father’s death she still continued to train with her sword. Though she is somewhat clumsy with it, she never stopped trying.

Cousin and Friend
She met Bastion, when she was 5 years old and was surprised of his uncanny resemblance to her father. She and Bastion have been friends ever since. They started studying together and made a promise to study and graduate at Yurran.

After entering Yurran, she had a slight envy toward her cousin’s natural genius but she never let that get in between them. After the accident, she never heard from him again until a year later when he took her partner’s transcripts and masqueraded as Burdok Celery.

Alexandra Aliz Magnus

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