Ashton Graham

Chivalrous Brawny Protector


Level: 9

Maximum HP: 1300
Maximum SP: 5

Str: 7 + 2 (9) — A
Dex: 6 — D
Mnd: 2 — D
Sol: 5 — B


Weapon: Silverbound Halberd Pole (500 atk)
Armor: Bronze Armor II (
200 Pdef)
Acc: Health Stud (+100 MAX HP)

Attack: 800
Ether: 100
Accuracy: 3
Agility: 2
Potential: 200 + 200 (400)

Knightly Valor (Fatalism)
Siege Cannon (Comet Impact)

Guard – On defensive TA, you may choose to take dmg instead.


A junior Halophate member who works for the guild branch in Cosica. He is known for his large stature and oddly casual way of speech for someone of his appearance.

Ashton has a kind and humble personality and gets flustered when he is complimented. Though he has decent skills for a junior Halophate member, he often claims to be lacking any skill to be worth the praise.

He was asked to join the party by Marie, who everyone assumes dumped her guardian duties to him. But Ashton then pleaded for him to stay with Alexandra and the others, under the pretense that he is out to “find something” during their field study travels.

Emily Schwarz

Ashton is distraught over the death of Emily Schwarz, who seems to have been important to him.


He failed the entrance exam to become a student of the Dragon Knight’s Academy in Soldat. This test, to his chagrin, involved the protection of a client – Emily Schwarz – for the duration of a month.

Desire for Growth

In order to prevent the mistake of Emily’s death from happening again, he swore to train and fight in order to protect that which he cares about. However, he views himself as somewhat inferior to his peers as his lack of prestige or special abilities makes him think he lacks the means to do so.

Ashton Graham

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