Burdock "Dovan" Kapour

A former terrorist abandoned by his cause


A student from Yurran Military Academy. He claims to have been responsible for the “incident” regarding a large explosion in one of the labs some time ago, of which Bastion Magnus has been accused of being responsible of.

Burdock (or Dovan as he prefers to be called) is a man with a sharp tongue and equally sharp intuition. He was a former Corserian Liberation Front member, who was abandoned by his employer: his uncle, after a devastating clash at Polla.

He acts as if he has all the audacity in the world to say and do what he wants, but has an honest opinion of many things happening around him.

Corserian Liberation Front

He was first encountered by the party at Dainydune’s High Noon Park, and announced that he represented the “Kapour Family” before disappearing somehow.

He also possesses an Ancient Relic that allows him to bend Aberrants’ will to his own. This relic was confiscated after the first major encounter with him.

His man motivation for joining the CLF was to ensure that the organization would pave a path for Corseria to return to its more independent, “purer” roots – a Corseria where the Kapour family would be recognized again.

Kidnapped Little Sister

When he was young, his younger sister was kidnapped. Up to today, he has no idea where she is or even if she is alive, but he is determined to make sure no other families and children have to experience what he did.

Burdock "Dovan" Kapour

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