Cain Ordell


A senior Yurran student who is familiar with Bass and Alexandra.

A third(out of three) year in Yurran. He’s not very well known throughout the school,
but is proliferate in his specialty in Reinforcement and Reparation Artes, so clubs that benefit from it
call on him a lot.

He has a friendly, outgoing personality, and has a somewhat cool personality with a penchant for colloquial wording and friendly banter. Cain loves life and acts in a perpetual state of cherishing every good and bad thing.

Is friends with Alexandra Magnus and Bastion Magnus.

[ C ]

Cain was the real identity of the high-profile terrorist, ©, of the Corserian Liberation Front. He had been spying on the protagonists since the beginning and planned all his moves in an effort to confuse and thwart the plans of his “allies”.

Inquisitor IX, the Divergent Blacksmith

He is the 9th Inquisitor of the Akashic Order, the Divergent Blacksmith.

Cain Ordell

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