Forte Fenrir

Librarion Who Watches the Ancient Culture


One of the librarians of the Springshroud Archives. She assisted the party when they came to the archive for information about the “Scarlet Child”

As a person, she is absolutely deadpan but friendly in a bizarre way. She loves to make jokes at the expense of others. Forte, while being eccentric even to her peers, possesses a great amount of book knowledge that would provide useful in many situations.

Personal Details:
Age: ?
Date of Birth: ?

Height: 5’3"
Weight: 102 lbs.
Hometown: ???
Nationality: Alerian

Likes: Puns, books, intensive research, all kinds of food, dark humor
Dislikes: She says it’s “you”, but you can never be too sure if she’s joking

Forte Fenrir

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