The Trails of Moonlight II

Aid's Journal 01: Dainydune

"* * **, 430 A.R.

Rainy day as we head back to Cosica. I must admit; these past few days have been a real roller coaster of a ride.

Corseria has been an interesting journey so far, and so has been being a temporary member of Halophate. Heh… never thought my research would bring me to join Halophate. At any case, its not like Corseria is far different from Aleria. Great food. Vast wildlife. Aberrants all around. People who are interesting… yet.. mysterious at the same time.

I'm still wondering what's happening behind that R&D Center. Ms. Lucille Alexander, aka "Diesel," seems too brilliant to not know what's going on in her company. Then again… she looks like the shy, studious type that can't even hurt a fly. Its not like the police was any help, either; both DPD and SBPD were too mum about things. I'd rather not go through the pain of being taken to the police station again. I felt like people were staring at me after the ordeal. Not to mention that I'm a foreigner, as well. Its a good thing that officer trusted us, though. I'd rather not point a gun at an enforcer of the law. Still… its odd how they're covering up information, despite our mission as Halophate representatives. And what that "Kapour family" guy said was unsettling. Whatever he's after, and whatever he wants to gain, he's dead serious to even consider murder, large scale theft, and what I believe no sane person would do; playing around with Relics and Aberrants.

Something stinks. And its not the contents of the test tube Alex just got back from Burdock.

I know our team isn't exactly the most well-organized party around. We just a ragtag bunch of misfits around here. A technomanic fellow Artestech engineer from here in Corseria, and a couple of native Yurran students, as well; one a rather reckless young mage with a penchant for explosive artes, the other a supporter with a noblesse disposition and an odd fascination with experimentation of all sorts. The person we met here in Halophate seemed the one most capable, yet he seems the most excited person when it comes to helping out. And then, there's me; a clueless geek of a foreigner millions of miles from home. Nonetheless, I've seen what they can do. And in the few days I've spent with them, I already feel like I belong as much as I did back in Allonce amongst my peers. Even better, maybe. I know that I'm in good company as I continue my research.

Speaking of "company"… I wonder where that woman might be? Sure, Commander Goelle DID advise her to leave us to our own devices, but.. it couldn't hurt to just stay around, would it?

Maybe have a few bottles of beer down the bar while having a friendly chat-

…oh right. I'm neither in Camlann nor Allonce. 21 years old is the legal drinking age here in Corseria(counts for both light drinks like beer and wine AND spirits, apparently), and they're a bit adamant on their drinking laws. 
Ugh. Damn age restrictions. Well, laws are laws. Wouldn't want another police officer pointing her barrel down our way."

  -Aiden Jet G. Carminite


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