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  • Art - Denial and Truth

    Art stormed out of the inn, bags in tow, angry and confused.

    There's no way I did any of that. Why would I? he thought.

    He had never been one to care about relationships, yet this incident had troubled …

  • Chapter 5 Interlude, Arthur - Bonds

    Political intrigue. Stolen identities and revenge. Family tension. Alex and Bastion's relationship damaged, party morale in tatters. Mysterious legends coming to life. Limiters, Blood Swords, and revelations abound. All of this was too much for …

  • Chapter 6 Interlude - Arthur: Shadow

    Art entered the door of the inn, an air of tension greeting him as he opened the door. He looked around and saw several patrons stare right back, looking at him and his weapon wrapped in cloth. They looked on edge, as if they expected a hostile to enter …