Clockwork City of Rustria


The Clockwork City of Rustria is a city situated at the southwestern portion of the Helenian Steppe. It is a hallmark of Castillian technology and is the most technologically advanced city in Aleria. Rustria is known mostly for all of its buildings having large gearheads attached to the sides. This disbelief only lasts until the moon rises, when Rustria reveals all of its splendor. At night, all gears attached to the structures start moving at the same time, being said only to operate under the moonlight.

Because of Rustria’s splendor when the moon rises, it is also known for its sleepless and active night life. This fact alone attracts many performers from all across Aleria; from the lowly bard to famous actors who simply enjoy putting up shows in bars in their spare time. This night life scene also attracts tourists and adventures from all over.


Rustria was built by Castillian engineers in memorial of a certain great conflict around 215 AR. Though delayed by dirty politics and red tape for a little past 80 years, it was finally built in the year 299 AR.

As time passed, its technology grew, and finally becoming the technological wonder it is today.

Clockwork City of Rustria

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