Serotine Rail-Breaker System

A sleek-looking modular revolver configuration prototype designed by Aiden Carminite and Nemesie Clementine around 429 AR, as a weaponized application of Clementine's master research, "Recycling Ethermass As Renewable Energy," and the technology they developed together for his master research, the Ethermass ARC reactor. Designed as a modification to the .45 LC revolver Aid grew familiar with training Bullet Ballet, the configuration developed now has a more durable body kit compared to the first prototype, combining a gun rail extension with a plasma bayonet(hence the designation Rail-Breaker, combining "railgun" and "swordbreaker," a type of parrying dagger). It has been designed to be compatible with any swing-out cylinder revolver of the same size.

Ethermass ARC Reactor

"Now we're all sons of bitches."

-A grinning Aiden Carminite to Nemesie Clementine as they tested the power output of the first Ethermass ARC Reactor on a MASER 

The Ethermass ARC (Arcane Recycling Compact) Reactor is a prototype reactor core developed by Nemesie Clementine and Aiden Carminite around 428 AR. It uses ethermass, a small crystallization left by monsters, otherwise deemed useless except in great amounts, as a source of energy; distilling the impurities of the ethermass and converts it into a more stable version of manatite crystals found in the leylines, which is then used to provide clean, renewable energy.

Serotine Rail-Breaker System

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