Sonoran, the Missing City


The City of Sonoran is a mythical city that is rumored to exist somewhere in Corseria, with only a handful of eyewitnesses attesting to its existence.


Sonorans prize water above gold and alcohol is illegal within the city’s borders. The center of their city is the market, a labrynthine space of alleys, stalls, and tiny shops that include shrines, and statues of stained glass that collect moisture in the air and store it as water in glass jars, which the people can then drink.

The people are religious worshippers of the two-headed god, whose left head is named Tybalt, the god of dreams, and the second head, Hyst, goddess of time, and practice dual weapons , astral projection, dream travelling, enchanting, alchemy, and time magic. Their government is a magrocracy, where the strongest mage born in Sonoran reigns. Challengers to the throne appear monthly to duel with the Archmage. The throne is granted to the winner, while the loser lives or dies according to the will of the victor (usually dies, so that they never come back). Despite this culture, Archmages have long rulings, since noble Sonoran families have many children, and the defeat of one, can simply be remedied by another sibling challenging the victor.

In the towers where academies are founded, much focus is spent on understanding time and dreams. The Sonoran people believe in parallel universes, other planes of existence, and different dimensions. They believe that the only way to enter these planes is by detaching the soul through astral projection since the body cannot leave the plane on which it was made, and dreams are windows to time, and other worldly places. Other countries think they are fools, of course, but the fact that Sonoran City has been building walls and fortifying itself has given rise rumors that the Sonorans have discovered something from their centuries of research, and they are keeping it secret.

Sonoran, the Missing City

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