The Trails of Moonlight II

Chapter I: Fate or Serendipity? (Aiden's Prologue)

"Legends tell of the strength of the will of mankind.
It was strong enough to fill the void.. to shatter a miasma that caged humanity's freedom.
Some say it was true… while some dismiss it as some fairytale.
Yet none could have imagined how mankind will show their will to survive as a disaster horrifying as it was surreal fell before their very eyes.

The Moonfall Incident…

20 years ago, one of two celestial bodies revolving around the planet crashed into the Earth, bursting in a pillar of light. The two celestial bodies colliding released a pulse around the world, affecting the natural flow of mana within a once magically-dependent world.

People remained strong. In times of crisis, even the worst of enemies once worked together. And with ingenuity, they overcame this crisis; thriving within adversities brought about by the disaster as well as the aberrant creatures from their lands.

Yet… so many mysteries to be discovered within this arcane world.

I set out to this land far from home searching for answers… not only in pursuit of science, but also for questions that echo through my head and will not rest. How does it work? What is it? HOW did it happen? WHY did it happen? WHAT purpose might it have?
Is it a blessing or a curse; a mere coincidence… or was it by design?
Is it fate… or serendipity?"



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