Kia Reedstone

Introspective Sharpeyed Criminal Investigator


Level: 32

Maximum HP: 1500 + 500 (2000)
Maximum SP: 5 + 2 (7)

Str: 8 + 2 (10) [ C]
Dex: 18 + 3 + 2 (23) [S]
Mnd: 12 + 2 (14) [B]
Sol: 10 + 2 (12) [D]

GROWTH TYPE: Technique – Murakumo

Weapon: Watchman (200 atk , +200 eth) Tier III 3slot Dagger
→ Back Attack II
→ Dexterity 2
→ Attack Up III
Armor: Assassin’s Garb (
100 Def / +200 Edef / +1 agi)
Acc: Shadow Cape (Adv. vs detection)
Acc2: Misha Plushie (Resist FIRE, Ether Def +100)

Attack: 1100 + 400 + 200 + 100 (1800)
Ether: 500 + 400 + 100 + 100 (1100)
Accuracy: 11 + 3 + 1 (15)
Agility: 7 + 4 + 1 (12)
Potential: 100 + 600 + 100 + 100 (900)

Foresight Nat A B
Collapse (Crush) A B
Balance Breaker A B
Swashbuckler’s Guile A B
Phantom Tempest A
Insight A B
Concealment B

Detection – Gain [Advantage] to detect hidden. Cannot set off traps in battle.

Shadow Play (“Hidden in plain sight, whispering bitter nothings. Shadow Play!”)
→Enter permanent [Stealth] for 2 turns. Crit and DA chance +1.


A girl from Sellabelle Police Department(S.B.P.D) sent to Dainydune to investigate a theft in Resurgence R&D. She joined the Halophate’s junior party as a collaboration between SBPD and Halophate itself in order to solve the case of the Kapour thefts.

She is confrontational and aloof, and answers mostly everything with terse, direct phrases. However, she seems to be highly concerned about how people view her, and so, apologizes to the party the very first chance she got.

Kia also keeps an incredibly professional attitude towards most things. She knows the tricks of the trade for covert police operations, and then some other skills that not any regular officer should normally know.

Personal Details:
Age: 15
Date of Birth: April 12, 415 AR.
Height: 5’1"
Weight: 98 lbs
Hometown: Daft – Lunaria Region, Corseria
Nationality: Corserian

Likes: Fish, Ice cream, duty and responsibility, reading, photography
Dislikes: Separation, isolation, lack of sustenance, being left out of the loop

Friendless Background II

Her attitude and distance from her peers has caused her to not have any friends. Although that isn’t to say she hasn’t had any before meeting the party. She had one very good friend and teacher as well named Cecily, who was a member of the SBPD. Unfortunately, Cecily met an untimely end during the entrapment operation for the Corserian Liberation Front

Savior’s Cross

Kia was a former member of Savior’s Cross, serving as a mercenary of sorts for a variety of clients. She was inducted into it by force after her parents sold her out for money. Kia’s body was then used for experimentation for the C-Maiden project, which involved replacement of an arm and leg with a mechanical one. Her parameters did

Physical Abuse – C-Maiden Project

Kia’s body was used for experimentation for the C-Maiden project, which involved replacement of an arm and leg with a mechanical one. Her parameters did not match envisioned ones, and was promptly discarded and sent to work for Savior’s Cross units.

Kia Reedstone

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