Inst. Selene Illburns


An instructor in Yurran Military Academy, specializing in Phys Ed., but also called upon for tutelage in arithmetic and earth studies. She is a friendly and outgoing woman who loves fashion as much as she loves gambling.

Serene is known for her haughty attitude even towards her students, but is renowned for her combat prowess and teaching technique anyway. It’s said that any student she gets assigned to will become unusually skilled in combat. She’s also known to speak gratuitous Cestian(Italian), which gets the attention of her colleagues.

Outside school, she is known to hang out at certain towns, only to either come home with a bag of cash, or with a long list of debts. Friends and favorite students know her to have a gambling problem.

Alexandra Magnus and Bastion Magnus have studied under her for their first year.

Inst. Selene Illburns

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