The Trails of Moonlight II

Vol 2 Prologue: Emily and Ursula


That name…

It seems I said it but… that’s not my voice…

“Ursula, great! You’re here. I had something to discuss to you.”

Ah… Emily… This woman… could it be her? But who is this Ursula…? Could it be…

My thoughts got away from me… I watched as Emily and I…, or at least Ursula, chatted away. They seemed like old friends. I couldn’t help but smile.

“So, I have more information on the Golden Gate. There are 3 places to go to, to get to it. I’ll email you more of the details”

“Are you only here for business? Come on, lets go shopping.”

I, I mean Ursula cut and dragged Emily around… I guess this is what it’s like to actually spend time with girl friends. No business, just leisure. If it were not for Basy, I would only be training and researching… hmmm… this actually feels good…

“I’ll be going to Soldalt for a week, I’ll email you the details. Oh… and remember the escort I told you about? You might like him, he seems like your type”

I can’t believe it… It is that Emily… ah..

Everything faded to white and as the bright cleared, she opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling before covering her face with her hands in utter embarrassment.

“Hey now, goodness ..”

Huh… we… we had the same reaction… goodness I could feel my cheek heat up.

Alexandra sits up from her bed, tapping the table to her glasses when her fingers touched something cold yet, to her, also felt warm.

“My artesleast…”

She recalled a bit of her dream, she was sitting by a desk, computer on and…

“Ah… No… Mine and Ursula’s. That means she was a Yurran student.”

She stood from her bed, walking to the window fogged by the frosty winter air in Brindstrong. She pressed her hand against the cold glass, whipping away the mist with her palm.

“Haa… She email her… but…”

She closes her eyes , recalling the last few scenes at the computer desk, waiting.

Wait… I … We kept waiting… That but… The email never came… And I know why… ah, but I am intrigued with her find. I do want to know more about it… I wonder… what did they find…? Could there be a connection between their deaths? Maybe if I talk to their spirits… no… I’d rather not. Please don’t ever haunt me when I’m awake… I will learn exorcism just for this…

She opened her eyes and stared out at the town scenery.

“This winter seems colder… I hope the others are keeping themselves warm.”



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