Aetherbloom is a hardy, perennial flowering plant discovered growing on mana-enriched soil near leylines a year after the Moonfall Incident. Its small, blue, butterfly-shaped blooms glow a faint bluish tinge similar to Manatite crystals due to the mana from the soil; an adaptation it has taken to help attract animals and help it seed. It has a unique morphology in which each "flower's" petals are whole flowers themselves, carrying a seed. When a bloom dies, the glowing petals break off and act as wings for their small seed, being likened to blue fireflies as they are carried by the wind. It is said to symbolize "a promise never forgotten." 


It was first discovered around October 411 AR by an unnamed young couple, who were surprised to see the plant near a cave in Cestia. News of the plant spread throughout the nation, and eventually, the continent, as the two used the glowing flowers on their wedding bouquet, and its seed tufts flying like blue fireflies in the night as the bride threw the bouquet. The flowers have since been seen in other areas with mana-rich soils; most notably outside leylines. No considerable study has been made on the plants; being dismissed as nothing but odd wild flowers, until 428 AR.

On 428 AR, a group of junior and senior Artestech Arcbiologists conducted an intensive three month field research on the plant as part of a senior's Master's Thesis. It has been discovered that the plant uses mana from the soil to facilitate its bioluminescence and converts mana into a stable form suitable for its own use. As of 430 AR, it has yet to be classified by taxonomists into its own genus, but the world has gradually accepted the fascinating wildflower into its daily use.


The plant has also been discovered to have medicinal properties as a painkiller and disinfectant. The distinct flavor of its sweet, mana-rich nectar has taken chefs by storm, despite rarity in supply. Due to its mysterious, beautiful glow, it has become a prized ornamental plant sought after by gardeners; often planted on garden soil with ether mass as a replacement for mana-rich leyline soil.


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