Allonce, The City of Light

A shining beacon of dream that lies in northern Gaur, Allonce is a city of inventors and artists; their technology second only to Rustria in Aleria. They are the pioneers of renewable energy in Aleria, turning the whole city into a large generator; water canals that run through the city turn waterwheels for hydroelectricity, windmill parks near the shore, and solar panels on its structures, most notably the Neverfall Tower and the Artestech Royal Research Group Center. Its people believe that art and technology must go hand-in-hand, so both body and soul are equally prepared to face the future.


Once a mere trading port town that fell into the hands of many marauders, it developed into a bustling city after it was established by House Blanchemete. As a true edifice to its rising spirit, a wrought iron lattice tower, the Neverfell Tower, overlooks the area from the heart of the city and lights up at night. Since it was founded, the city has attracted millions of new thinkers; inventors, scientists, philosophers, writers, and artists from all over Aleria. Allonce became a pioneer in renewable energy technology and eventually developed into a harmony between arts and technology. plenty of art installations and other historic monuments such as The Arc of Victory, The Luvier Museum, The Plaza of Harmony, and the Artestech Royal Research Group Center.



"Keep moving forward"



Allonce= from the French phrase "Allons-y!," meaning "Let's Go!"



  • Allonce is an Alerian city that marries Paris, France with Venice, Italy. Paris was once dubbed "The City of Light" due to its leading role during the Renaissance, as well a more literal take because it was one of the first European cities to adopt gaslamp lighting.
  •  All monuments mentioned in Allonce are Alerian versions of real monuments in Paris, except Artestech Royal Research Group Center.

Allonce, The City of Light

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