Within the hills of southern Brindtsong, past the forest lies the castle town of Kingsfall.
Formerly the capital of Brindtsong  until 130 AR, Kingsfall remains a historical site rumored to be the setting of the Great King's Saga, a piece of old Brindtsong mythological literature. However, the real reason adventurers and treasure hunters alike visit the "City of Dragons" is the challenge and promise of fame and fortune in exploring "Dragon's Descent", a mysterious Aberrant-infested leyline labyrinth with an unknown number of floors under Wyvern's Perch, the tower in the middle of town.


"Elegant, yet strong. Ferocious, yet wise. That is a dragon, Arcturious. And a worthy king is a dragon, indeed."
     -Merwyn the Mage, The Great King Saga

As in the legend of the Great King Saga, Dragons are a symbol of great power, regardless of good or evil nature. The whole duality of it remains a reminder to both citizens and visitors of Kingsfall, especially to those who wish to brave Dragon's Descent. As such, the ferocious creatures have become a symbol to the civilization that lived in the castle long ago; a tradition that its citizens continues today, most notably in the towns own volunteer civil guard force, the Castlewatch.

The Siege of Kingsfall

The monsters and aberrants within Dragon's Descent used to be sealed in through a barrier under an old glorious castle in the middle of the city for as long as history remembered. However, the mana-disrupting pulse sent out by the Moonfall Incident 20 years ago shattered the barrier, and in a year's time unleashed the creatures within and wrecking havoc in what was known as "The Siege of Kingsfall." A Halophate member became renown in the organization as the "Crimson Dragon of Kingsfall" due to his critical role in turning the tides against the Aberrant and monsters in the Siege of Kingsfall.  However, while some Halophate members and town police worked their best, it took a while before they put a stop to it. The town suffered a lot of damage and a few casualties. 


In response to the Siege of Kingsfall, the city has enlisted volunteers from its citizens into a civil security task force, the Castlewatch, lead by an honorary Halophate member, dedicated to guard the town and its relics, help the citizens with requests, but most of all, to keep the monsters within Dragon's Descent from breaking out.

Task Force Perillous

A squad of seven young, brave and skilled Castlewatch Members who pioneered the exploration of the middle floors of Dragon's Descent, going down further than the first five floors early January 425AR. Considered lead group of the best Castlewatch volunteers, they were tasked with spearheading the explorations, taking in the dangerous special operations, as well as leading the rest of the guild. These seven were more known in town by their callsigns, which were taken from the arms bore by knights that swore loyalty to the Great King Arctorius in "The Great King's Saga.


  • "Clarent"     -   Aiden Carminite, 17, Shock Trooper
  • "Curtana"    -  Nemesie Clementine, 22, Vanguard
  • "Einhander"-  Seriabelle De Vere, 20, Engineer
  • "Failnaught"-  Tristana Clementine, 22, Scout
  • "Galatine"    -    Wainecroft "Wayne" Laevateinn, 23, Vanguard  
  • "Arondight" –  Lancea Lottice, 23, Shock Trooper
  • "Grail"          -   Pierce Fischerking, 23, Engineer 

However, an incident that resulted into a mission failure at 427 AR caused a rift within the team, and the task force was disbanded, with some members continuing to serve as Castlewatch volunteers, while others took their own paths.


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