Artestech Royal Research Group

"Through trials, to the stars!"
                                                                                               -The Artestech Motto


     Formed by the last bastions of nobility, Artestech is a privately owned group that dedicates itself to furthering developments in Artes technology, founded by the now long gone noble House Blanchémeté.         

Artestech was made in response to the Moonfall incident which suffocated wordly mana supply. devoting its resources to finding abundant mana sources called “Leylines” which are somewhat still abundant today. Because of their work, a lot of the damage caused by the incident has been mitigated, and life became more-or-less, normal once again.      

Most of its members are naturals in magic, however as of late, they take in people who simply have a passion for Artes technology, which yielded mostly positive prospects for the group.

The Artestech Research Group Facility lies close to the heart of Allonce, Gaul; a peculiar building above a platform hovering above a reservoir that breaks from the city's canals, generating energy for the city through its Arcspire; one of the group's breakthrough in renewable energy.

Life as an Artestech Academic

Contrary to popular belief, Artestech is not a school. It is a research institute; a collective of great minds who can take pride in calling themselves as Academics.

Unlike a school, the organizational structure within the institute blurs, with only the field department heads, the members of the board and the Director being the clear cut ranks. Beyond that, the difference between junior and senior researchers all depend on licenses, certificates, and distinction in each field; thus, an academic who is a senior in Arcbiology may be a rookie in another field such as Arcus Engineering. However, an academic may officially choose only one field they wish to become a Master in.

That being said, classes and workshops are plenty for academics who wish to equip themselves with more knowledge on one's field or another. These are an equivalent to university classes or seminars, though most classroom meetings eventually evolve into heated discussions, as theories, corrections and solutions are thrown back and forth between the presiding mentor and the attending students; a thing welcomed by the group as a competitive peer learning experience for all.

Academic Master's Research

To obtain mastery in one's chosen field, an academic must obtain all the minimum licenses for that field, as well as conduct their Master's Research. This Master's Research comes as an equivalent to a thesis in educational institutions; however, it may take years for one to finish their Master's Research, as most of these researches become large breakthroughs for science and technology. While most Master's Researches are done with a team, its not unusual for an academic to go alone.
Ideas for Master's Research are pitched to a panel of board members and the Director, which may come in the form of fascinating experimental technology, an excavation or exploration, a discovery on the principle of mysterious things(such as the leylines), or a solution to a problem that the world faces(like the Moonfall Incident), amongst other things. Once approved, the Group may provide necessary funding as well as tools for said research.

The greatest amongst Master's Researches in the field become eligible for the prestigious Blanchémeté Prize.

The Blanchémeté Prize

Held once every five years in Allonce, Gaul in Aleria,  The Blanchémeté Prize is a set of international awards bestowed in a number of categories by Artestech Royal Research Group in recognition of academic, cultural, and/or scientific advances.
Each recipient, or laureate, receives a platinum medal, a diploma, and monetary award provided by the Blanchémeté Foundation. The Blanchémeté Prize is widely regarded as the most prestigious award available in the fields of medicine, physics, biology, chemistry, technology and economics, amongst many others.

Artestech Royal Research Group

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