Corseria (Country)


Corseria is a medium-sized continent situated an ocean's worth west of Aleria, and another ocean's worth north of Iesland.

The land is 5 million square veits (around 700 km², equivalent to Earth's Australia), making it significantly smaller than Aleria.

After the Moonfall incident and the Storm Wall abated, many Alerian explorers began their expeditions to the west, expecting barbaric or primitive cultures. To their surprise, Corseria appears well-off, with some marginal advantages on the technological side already.


Almost half the continent's landmass is made up of a mountain range called the Lunan Mountain Range, from which most water flows to all of Corseria. However, around 4 significant and notable rivers flow through the landscape, namely those near the Dainydune and Polla areas.

In the inner reaches of Corseria is composed mostly of thin grassland, situated at the east side of the mountain range. To the west, however, is mainly comprised of deserts and arid lands that were once already thin in greenery themselves, attributed to the Moonfall incident. This location is called the Shroud Wastes.


The culture of Corseria is considered to be "strangely modern" from Alerian standards, focusing less on mysticism and folklore, and more on pop culture, the youth, and technology.

While there are many traces of a more "medieval" time in Corseria's history, this history has melded perfectly into the background of its modern sensibilities, which serves as a solid base for the growth of Corserian understanding of themselves.

Corseria loves the arts – dance, music, radio, acting, and even a new emerging concept known as "Idols", which involves young men and women engaging in multiple art forms that somehow targets Corseria's vibrant youth cultures.

Dreamers Dance Group / Idol Group




Polla – Corseria's capital, also called the Sunset Capital
Rain Metro

Corseria (Country)

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