Yurran Military Academy

 The Three Principles of Yurran:

  • Respect yourself, your fellow man, those who came before, and to those who will come.

  • Apply yourself in all that you do

  • Lay a path for the aspirations of yourself and land you dwell upon.

A military school situated in the Brindstong region of Aleria.  It was once an academy exclusively for magicians. However, during a war 50 years ago, was completely destroyed. Now, the school not only trains mages, but also trains military men in martial arts.

50 years later, it was rebuilt by Remilia Aventi, alongside David Arland. The school believes in “learning by doing”, and incorporates this belief in their curriculum. Each student, once in their life in the school, is sent on a “Field Study”, where they spend up to one year outside the school grounds in order to learn more about the world.


Alexandra Aliz Magnus
Bastion Magnus
Cain Ordell
Franz Viseid

Yurran Military Academy

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