Yuval, the Rustic Town Stirring From Isolation

Overhead view of Yuval Town

A small, isolated farming town located days out south of Sellabelle. Situated at the delta of the Starlit River, the arable land is very fertile, and produces the town's abundant food supply from crops and livestock.

Windmills dot the surrounding landscape, though none as large as the town's central mill. Watermills along the river augment the town's power supply.

Though Yuval is sleepy and out-of-the-way, it has experienced an awakening of sorts, with trade and interaction with the outside world increasing due to the unearthing of nearby expansive ruins containing a surprising amount of artifacts; artifacts that included Totems and other technology, interesting the neighboring Sellabelle City. While farming is still the main occupation of the populace, ruins exploration and artifact excavation has boomed, with many former land-tillers becoming excavators or machinists.

Transportation of these artifacts or any export is difficult, however – the town is easily 2 days by horseback or carriage from the nearest city. A combination of poor terrain and pragmatic reverence towards the nearby ruins lead Yuval and Sellabelle to establish the Cobalt Post at the edge of the nearest forest. A privately-owned freight train makes regular trips to this depot.


The inhabitants of the city are primarily farmers, with machinists and ruin explorers coming as a quick-growing second. Being secluded for the most of their lives, the people have valued hospitality to a high degree, treating visitors very well. The recent boom in interested parties taking advantage of local resources and hospitality has strained this to some degree.

Notable People:


  • Dell's Junkshop – a machinist's shop that deals with mechanical odds and ends. Minorly trades in artifacts.
  • Mayor's House – the current Mayor's home. A medium-sized mansion located north of the town proper.
  • Cobalt Post – outpost used as a primary conduit between Sellabelle and Yuval. Privately-owned.
  • Expansive Ruins – ruins discovered by local miners. Expansive, and only been unearthed to a limited degree.
  • Central Windmill – largest windmill in the town. Old, and barely functional. Used as a monument.
  • Auditorium – recently-constructed hall built to address the people and hold performances and concerts.
  • Starlit River – what locals call the nearby river, at least the segment that sits next to the city. Named such due to the phenomenon that makes the water sparkle like starlight at night when moonlight hits the surface.
  • Alice's Bakery – local bakery owned by a former member of the Polla Royal Guard.


Yuval, the Rustic Town Stirring From Isolation

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